GoldMiners Always looking For Billet Homes

The Billet Experience – “You can make a difference”

KL Gold Miners Billet (Host) Families play a vital role in our organization’s success both on and off the ice. These special people open their homes and hearts to our players, providing a place to live and an environment they can thrive in while they pursue their dream of reaching a higher level of hockey.
All that is really required is a willingness to help a player by providing a “home away from home”. The values and principles for success that are essential to become a member of the KL Gold Miners will be demanded at the rink, in the home, in school and in the community.
The Billet experience will truly be rewarding, with a unique connection that lasts a lifetime. Players often keep in contact with their Billets long after they are done playing, keeping them updated of their family and life’s accomplishments. If you ask any young player that has played away from home, their fondest memories likely include their Billet families!
We consider billets part of our team and representatives of a rewarding junior hockey program in the town of Kirkland Lake. In order to make certain we remain successful in
this endeavour we must ensure a billet program is established that is structured and organized. In order to assist us in this mission we have provided the following guidelines.
• the duration of stay for the player will be the current hockey season (approx.
August 16th) until end of hockey season (approx. April) with potential of staying
until the end of the school year.
• provide player with safe, fun, family environment at all times.
• provide each player with private bedroom.
• provide the ability for each player to have 3 meals a day which would include
items for breakfast and lunch that the players have access to, and a cooked meal
for supper, player will notify billet well in advance if they will not be present for a
• players are expected to fend for themselves when required including the
occasional supper.
• provide laundry facilities, players responsible for their own supplies.
• toiletries, munchies, car plug hydro, long distance charges, internet
and any other incidentals are the responsibility of the player.
• guests are only permitted with prior approval of the billet home.
• players are expected to keep their room tidy and respectable.
• no sleepovers.
• school attendance is mandatory(if applicable) and will be monitored by Hockey
• there are team/league guidelines and policies that players must abide by and
we expect our billet families to uphold and enforce these rules- an example
being, week night and pre-game curfews will be enforced , weekend curfew is
expected to be respectable and will be discussed between the Team, the
Player and the Billet.
• all billet house rules will need to be communicated to the player.
• the billet must contact the team if they plan to be away for an extended period
of time
• abuse of any substance will not be tolerated.
• a Vulnerable Sector Police Check is required for each adult living in the house.

KL Gold Miners will pay billet families the sum of $425.00/player on the 15th of each month plus receive ONE season pass per billet home including the playoffs.
The above guidelines were developed for the benefit of the player, the billet, and the KL Gold Miners Hockey organization.
Although, we understand the above list is not inclusive of every situation that may arise, we do expect that if a question or situation does come up that it will be communicated
to the hockey team for discussion. Our goal is not only to develop good hockey players, but good individuals/citizens and your efforts in this area are significant.
The KL Gold Miners are looking forward to making your Host family experience one you will reflect on for years to come. If you have questions or are interested in becoming a Host family, please fill out the Billet Host Family Questionnaire or contact David Gorman at