Erickson, Aubertin have great memories of KL


Tuesday, April 7, 2015 2:09:11 EDT PM

Former Kirkland Lake Gold Miner Ryan Aubertin is all smiles after scoring a goal.

Former Kirkland Lake Gold Miner Ryan Aubertin is all smiles after scoring a goal.

KIRKLAND LAKE - As they’ve aged out and are now no longer active players with the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners, goalie Josh Erickson and forward Ryan Aubertin spoke recently about their time in Kirkland Lake.

“My time with the KL Gold Miners was amazing, the support and the fans the team got was really unique,” stated Aubertin.

“People around town know who you are and they are not scared to approach players and were very friendly. The organization was all about hockey and really know how to treat their players. The things I would do to be 18 again and start it all over.”

There is a lot of people Aubertin says he needs to thank for what he describes as an amazing season. “Marc Lafleur and his whole coaching staff. (They) not only know so much about hockey and how to teach it, they know what goes on in kids my ages lives and they took everything in to consideration. (Then there are) my parents Richard and Cathy for always supporting my decisions. My billet Carla Vine who took me into her house and made it feel like home. Nordex explosives, all the fans and all of our supporters but most importantly the other 22 guys I got to run with. Although our season was cut short, we have accomplished so much as a group, the adversity this team faced and still found a way to win and all the ups and down we had to go through is incredible. I will always be proud to have had a chance to wear the Gold Miners jersey for a season and proud of what we accomplished as a team.”

Erickson only played one season as well but he too will always remember his time in Kirkland Lake.

“Although the time I spent in Kirkland Lake was short, I really enjoyed my time there. As a junior hockey player, you never know what type of family you will be living with. Fortunately enough for me, I lived with Tammy and Serge Daviau and I could not have asked for a better billet family.There was never a dull moment in the house with Elise and Oliver always wanting to play. They really made me feel at home which makes playing hockey that much easier.”

This upcoming season Erickson will be playing NCAA hockey with with SUNY University of Canton. “Its only seven hours south of Kirkland Lake so I will be able to visit the Daviau’s next year,” he stated. It should be noted a now former teammate of his Dylan Rosen will also be attending Canton as well and another former teammate Zach Pease, who will be playing at Fredonia, will soon become an opponent.

He went on to say that, “As a 20 year old, its tough to go out the way we did but with all the injuries we had the last half of the season I am proud of the way we battled towards the end. The Gold Miners are a great organization and I can’t thank them enough for what they do for us players. I have learned a lot on and off the ice this season that will help me at the next level.”

I am very excited to play at the next level with Dylan. It is always nice to know somebody that you will be playing with and will help make the transition easier. I am also looking forward to playing against Pease next season.”