Billet Families Needed


The Kirkland Lake Goldminers are looking for families in the Kirkland Lake area who are interested in becoming a Billet Family for a Goldminer Player(s) for the 2021-2022 Season.

The choice to play for a team sometimes does not come down to the team itself, the program, coach or location, the choice lays within the balance where are they going to live.

A Jr A hockey player who leaves home to follow their dreams, are filled with hope, and excitement, yet coupled with much anxiety and fear. The pressure to adapt to a new community, new climate, new teammates while performing both on and off the ice is great and can be challenging at the best of times.

Without caring billet families to ease the transition, our prospected Kirkland Lake Goldminer Junior Athletes and future stars may never make the decision to pursue their dreams, while the rewards of hosting a Jr A player can turn into lasting relationships between the players and the billet family, creating positive changes for everyone.

Billet families play a big role in the success and well-being of our Athletes, from providing a roof over their head, feeding them, treating them like family, to teaching the value of giving back. These athletes come with dreams and most do not really realize how hard it is to be away from home until they arrive. It is the Kirkland Lake Goldminers  goal to assure that we help these athletes through the transition and show them there is a home away from home, with people who will be there to cheer them on and to support them through the high and low.

The importance of billet families to the Kirkland Lake Goldminer Jr A Hockey Team is priceless. The Goldminers organization appreciates the commitment, kindness and dedication of all our billeting families. We thank you for being there for our athletes.

Becoming a billet family is a rewarding experience that also includes these additional perks!

  • Thank you package Including season tickets all everyone in the house
  • Pre-Season Introduction (Player and Billet Family)
  • Screening process to insure players and family are a good fit
  • In Game Recognition as a Billet Family
  • Direct Communication from the Billet Coordinator and General Manager
  • Billeting Fee Remuneration
  • Billet Family Handbook Guide

Should be interested in hosting a player this season , please contact the Goldminers via email at or by calling (705) 493-8568